Grease Outfits

Dress Up with Grease Outfits

In the 1950’s Grease is considered as the hippest and trendiest style when it comes to their fashion statement. Well that is if you are attending a Halloween or costume party. Searching for Grease outfits is not hard for as long as you have an access to the internet and a whole lot of patience. In order to put up a convincing character that would portray the exact Grease persona, you have to be specific with the way they look, wear and carry yourself.

There is quite a unique distinction with regards to how the Grease characters have carried their hair around campus. If you are able to do your hair according to whomever it is that you would like to imitate, then you make it more real and give people the feel of that 1950’s look. You can look online regarding how the characters put up their hair or perhaps just put on some wig.

Wear the Right Shoes
From head, we will go to the foot area wherein it is also vital to dress it up according to the character you are emulating. This is the part where you would have to search someplace just to find the exact pair used in the scene. It is not likely that you will see a fifties shoe style roaming around your house. So when purchasing your Grease outfit, make sure that you include these. You have to be warned that the shoes are a bit expensive compared to other accessories but since you would like to be as authentic as possible, the shoes have to be counted in.

Accessorizing - Other Small Details
It may not be as vital as the abovementioned hair and shoes but accessories also have to be included to complete the entire outfit. One good example would be the bowling bag that Pink Lady used. You can also change the way you speak to accentuate the character. There should be vocal practice as well. You might want to include that on the preparation.

Costume Counts
There are plentiful on online shops. You might want to open that browser to search for ideal costume that you prefer. For women, the correct top or shirt should include a tight, close-fitting sweater that has boat neck or is slightly off shoulder. Pants must be tight-pedal pushers which should be coordinated with the top that you are wearing. For men, the black leather jacket must not be shoved off. This is in fact the most important part of the outfit. Guys must wear jeans that will complement the sweater.

The key to look real is to put them altogether the way it has been carried by the original characters. With this achieved, you are sure that your Grease outfit will outshine and surprise the masses.

Grease Costumes

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